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CFI, offers procurement services that guarantee that all franchise and ADA standards are met regarding the designated interior selections.

The general purchasing process is as follows:
*Contract reviews with the design team to "double check" all selections and finishes on a line by line basis.
*Separate review by contract specialists to ensure that all quantities of floor and wall coverings are correct and are within industry standard overages. (Requests for this information are forwarded to the client or contact of record upon execution of contract.)
* Purchase orders are generated; with confirmed pricing, project shipment request dates and then subsequently sent to the designated manufacturers.
*Manufacturers will contact and inform the project coordinators of any items which, due to availability, may require a re-selection in order to meet the requested shipment dates. In this event a meeting will be held with the designer who will send re-selection options to the client for approval. Change order will be sent for acceptance and once executed
*CFI will forward necessary paperwork to vendor.
*Once delivery estimates are received from the various manufacturers, a shipment schedule is generated which lists every item on order. This shipment schedule is then sent to the client.
*The delivery schedule is confirmed weekly and updated, with any changes being forward to client, general contractor, and other key personnel, as the project progresses. It is the project coordinator's responsibility to keep the manufacturer, freight company, and owner updated on any delays or subsequent changes to the original shipment dates.
*Upon delivery to the job site, it is the responsibility of the client or designated installer to ensure that shipments are complete and notify CFI of any discrepancy. A "freight receiving" instruction sheet will be provided on suggested procedures of receiving goods.
*CFI will coordinate efforts with the client and affected manufacturer in resolving any freight claim issues in a timely manner.
*CFI will conduct a "post occupancy evaluation" to inspect all supplied FF&E items and to personally meet with engineering and house keeping departments to discuss any cleaning or maintenance concerns. A manual will be generated which lists manufacturer's instructions for the proper care of all specified items.

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